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Archive | March, 2015

Clover Flower Frill Templates - Step by step guide

Clover Flower - on head band

I've just added two new flower making template kits to the website  and thought I'd have a little run through how they work, for anyone that is curious.

Each pack contains 4 templates as follows:

2 x Small & 2 x Medium

or 2 x Large & 2 x Extra Large

First things first, they are very easy to use, the instructions included in each pack are very comprehensive and easy to follow.

I decided to make a small version, which results in a flower approximately 3 inches (7.5cm) diameter, I thought that would be big enough for the headband I wanted to decorate.

What you will need:

1 - Clover Flower Frill Template pack

2 - Approximately 15 - 25 pieces of fabric 3in x 3in (7.5 x 7.5cm). Note this is for the small flower, so the size of fabric will increase depending on the template you are using.

3 - 1 needle with approximately 20in (50cm) single length of thread knotted at one end.

4 - Scissors

5 - 1 x flower headed pin (optional)

What you need - Clover Flower Frill Template


1 - Simply begin by cutting your fabric squares, they should be just slightly bigger than the template you are going to use. I decided to use 15 pieces of fabric for this flower, due to it's size and the fact I was using a cotton fabric. However, you can use up to 25 pieces if you want a fuller flower, or you are using a more delicate or lighter fabric.

2 - Simply lay the flower template on top of one of the pieces of fabric (fabric, face side up) with the number 2 petals at the top, see below:

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 1

3 - Follow the step-by-step folding instructions provide. These are number coded and very straightforward, so you are guided easily through each fold.

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 3Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 3. 1

4 - When you have the fabric and template folded into one small petal shape (as per above, right), you then cut around the fabric at the semi-circular end of the temple. Be careful here not to cut the template itself, just the excess fabric.

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 4

5 - Next take your needle and thread and feed the needle through all layers of exposed fabric at the pointed end of the petal. You do not need to pull the thread all the way along to the end of the knot.

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 5

6 - Holding it in place as best as you can, remove the template from the fabric. Once you have removed the template, you may now prefer to pop a pin through the petal to keep it folded. However, this is not essential.

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 7 aClover Flower Frill Template - Step 7 b

7 - Repeat  steps 2 - 6 until you have your chosen number of petals on the length of thread. As mentioned, I used 15 for this example, but you can use between 15 and 25 pieces of fabric for the flower.

8 - Once you have all the petals on your piece of thread (remove the pin, if relevant) and take the needle off the thread. Pull the two ends of thread together tightly and then tie them together in a double knot.

Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 8Clover Flower Frill Template - Step 9

9 - Once you have tied the ends together you can then unfold some or all of the petals to give more fullness and shape to the flower.

Clover Flower Frill - Completed Example

It is as simple as that! Just a few easy steps and you have created a really professionally finished flower. Add these to home decorations, brooches or clothing for a really lovely embellishment.

As you'll see from the picture at the top, I decided to attach this one to a headband covered in blue polka dot material for one of my daughters, let me know what you think....

Many thanks, Katrina x

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