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Archive | December, 2015

Christmas Tree - Cotton Pearl & Trimmings Style!

Things have been so busy here at P&PD HQ of late, that I decided it was time to add a little bit Christmas cheer to the day - for no other reason than - I love Christmas!

So here we go, a Cotton Pearl, Mini Pom Pom Braid and Star Buttons Christmas Tree........ why ever not!

Happy Christmas one and all xxx

Cotton Pearl Christmas Tree

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Pom Pom Fairy Lights - What a combo!

pom-pom-fairy-lightsSo, I think it must be pretty clear by now, that I am a HUGE fan of Pom Poms.... there's something so tactile and scummy about them and they add such lovely bit of yumminess to any project.

Given this, I decided that our Christmas decor selection (despite already having a festive pom pom garland) didn't quite have enough of a nod to Pom Poms yet. So what better thing than to combine some fairy lights with a pom pom garland?

This is incredibly simple, yet very effective (if I do say so myself) and is currently looking fab hanging from one of our fireplaces this Christmas season.

So here are the basics:

First of all you need a selection of pom poms. For this garland I used the Small Clover Pom Pom Makers and Stylecraft Special DK however you could also use one of our Pom Pom Garland Kits which includes a selection of Stylecraft Special DK yarn as well as the Clover Pom Pom makers.

Here's a picture from one of my earlier posts which illustrates how to use the pom pom maker...however there are also clear instructions provided.

Clover Pom Pom Maker InstructionsHaving got yourself a selection of pom poms, you'll also need a yarn needle (one with a very round / blunt end), a pair of scissors, a set of battery powered LED fairy lights (I got these from Robert Dyas, but lots of shops currently sell them) and a little extra yarn in the colour of each of your pom poms.

Pom Pom Fairy Lights - What you need

Then all you have to do is take each pom pom in turn and carefully sew it onto the fairy lights. Simply sew through the middle of your pom pom and then wrap the yarn around the wire, sewing back through the middle of the pom pom as you come back. Repeat this as many times as you feel you need to, so that the pom pom feels securely attached to the fairy lights. Please note, it is very important to use a blunt yarn needle, so to avoid piercing the wire of the fairy lights at any point.

Pom Pom Fairy Lights - Attaching the pom poms

Then keep adding more pom poms until you are happy with the look you've created. For this example, I decided to simply add a pom pom each side of the led lights and that seemed to work quite neatly. However you could add more or less than that, depending on how you wanted the finished garland to look.

Pom Pom Fairy Lights - Attaching the pom poms - 2This is a pretty quick job, but look how fab the end result is....

Pom Pom Fairy Lights
Pom Pom Fairy Lights - 3Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy making your own unique pom pom garland!

Happy Festive Crafting x