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Archive | January, 2017

Poppy Seeds are coming!

We think a lot about how our sewing space is organised and where things are best placed to be within easy reach, but how often do we think about organising our sewing knowledge in quite the same efficient way?

How would you like to increase your sewing skills and challenge some of the techniques you may have taken for granted?
Whether you’ve been sewing for a week or sewing for years, there’s always something new to be learned, be that the latest textiles, tools or techniques.With that in mind, we’ve created a new weekly feature called ‘Poppy Seeds’ which comprises our top tips and inspiring notions, sent direct to your inbox.

Let 2017 be the year that you take your sewing skills to the next level. Think of it as our way of saying thank you for all your messages, loyalty and the beautiful projects you bring in to this world.

Perhaps you’ve always threaded a needle the way your great Aunt Maude taught you and never given it a second thought. But the world deserves to know Aunt Maude’s time saving secret and all the other wisdom we’ve gleaned from the sewing circle.

Our aim is to give you knowledge and insights that increase your confidence, as well as inspiring solutions that get you thinking about your projects and sewing space from a different stance. Come and join us, there’ll be no looking back.

Let’s do this.

Yours, with an outstretched hand x

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All hail the embroidery hoop. A whole lotta hoopla!

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Have you ever considered using the humble embroidery hoop for anything other than humble embroidery?! We're in love with the idea of taking a hoop and covering it with fabric to create a fabulous memo board, and it doesn't stop there. These look fabulous as a collection with different coverings, and we found a couple of other uses for them to share with you too, if you're so inclined. But firstly...

To make your own memo board:

Step 1 - Using cork which can be bought on the roll, lay your hoop on top of the cork and cut around your hoop with approximately a 1 inch allowance the whole way round.

Step 2 - You'll need to cut approximately 8 notches around the edge of the cork to ensure it can be secured without any unsightly bumps.

Step 3 -Then place your desired fabric over the cork and cut to match.

Step 4 -Now place your outer hoop around the inside hoop including fabric and cork and secure the closure. Get pinning!

Here's a collection of other uses we found along the way which we think are equally fabulous. The full collection of embroidery hoops available from Poppies and Polka Dots here.

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Other embroidery hoop uses:

The Dream Catcher - This beautiful hoop is limitless in the adornments that can be added to it and is suitable for big and little people alike. We love the playful pom poms and invoking colour combinations. Image credit.


The Reinvented Jewellery Box - A great way to store items and actually be able to see them! Image credit.


The Card Organiser - This is so simple and so incredibly beautiful all at once. We love the idea of this for seasonal displays such as Christmas and birthday's to keep it special but it would work equally well for postcards of inspiration or reminders. Image credit.


The Calendar - Quite frankly if this isn't the most adorable thing we've ever seen then I don't know what is and you get to show off your embroidery skills to! Image credit.


The Clock - This is the most charming clock we've ever seen! No craft room is complete without! Image credit.


Yours, with a now enormous to do craft list! x