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Archive | March, 2017

Sewing Machine Needles - Our 'Go To Guide'

Ever wondered what the difference between a sewing machine needle for denim, leather or jersey is?

Well wonder no more, as we have created this useful guide which will clarify in a glance!

Want to print it out and keep it for reference, simply click here for your printable version: PP&PD A GUIDE SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES

As always..... happy sewing everyone!

Lace Zips & What to do with them.....

When people see our lace zips, they always love them..... it's hard not to right? They're so pretty!

However we're so often asked, how or what can they be used for?

So with this in mind we thought we put together a quick post with some of our favourite ideas, to help inspire you....

1 - Tea and a Sewing Machine - Purse with Lace Zipper

2. Beautiful Clutch Bag from Wonderful DIY


3. Lace Zipper on a top by Sewing Rabbit

4. Lace Zipper Pouch by Fort Worth Fabric Studio

5 - and not to miss our own recent tutorial and free pattern 🙂 - Sew Cherry 2 Lace Zipper Make Up Bag

Hope this helps get your inspired!

Happy 'Lace Zipper' sewing x


Sew Cherry 2 - Easy Make Up Bag Tutorial with Lace Zip

In my opinion, you can never have enough of these little purses. I've called this a make-up purse, but really this type of thing can be used to hold anything; it's incredibly useful and also makes the perfect gift.

This is an ideal project for a beginner sewer, but is also a great little project for more experienced sewers, looking for a quick hit project! Hope you enjoy, feel free to add any comments, feedback below!

What you need:

1 x Pattern - download here

1 x FQ - Outer Fabric

1 x FQ - Lining Fabric

1 x FQ - Fusible Interfacing

1 x 20cm (8 inch) Lace Zip

Rotary Cutter / board or scissors

Matching Cotton & Cotton

General Sewing tools (Sewing Machine, Pins, Pencil)


1 - Using the pattern template, cut out 2 pieces from your outer fabric, 2 pieces from your lining fabric and 2 pieces from the interfacing.

2 - Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric - repeat for the 2nd piece.

3 - Place the lining and outer fabrics right sides together.

4 - Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew together the outer and lining pieces along the top edge (see images above and below to see the top edge). Repeat this for the 2nd pieces.

5 - Now press the seams together.....

.......and then press open the seams for both pieces.

(sorry I forgot to take a picture of the next step.....) You then need to fold along the seam, so that wrong sides are together. Do this for both pieces.

6 - Next pin the zip to the top edge of one of the pieces.

7 - Using a zipper foot, sew the zip to the top of the first piece of fabric (I decided to use some matching red cotton for this part of the make).

8 - Then take the 2nd piece of fabric and pin the top to the opposite side of the zip. Take this to your machine and again sew onto the 2nd piece of fabric. Remember if your needle is kept in the fabric and you lift your footer, you can move the zip pull along and out of the way of the machine needle for ease.

9 - Next bring the outer fabric pieces together (right sides together) and the lining fabric pieces together (right sides together). Then making sure that the bottom edges are perfectly aligned,  we'll then sew the outer fabrics together and the lining fabrics together. So, start by lining up the outer fabrics and using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew along the bottom edge as per below image.

10 - Next you will sew together the bottom of the lining pieces together. This time, you will need to remember to leave a gap of approximately 2 inches - this will be used to turn the project right side out, once we've sewn sides and corners.

So for now, line up the edges of the 2 lining pieces and sew (leaving that gap - my gap went a bit off centre, but it doesn't really matter).

11 - Next we'll sew the sides together. Before doing so, clip the two zip tabs flat.

12 - Next you sew along both sides using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

13 - So now both sides are sewn together we just need to finish off the 4 corners before turning the bag right side out. Bring the seams together on your first corner and clip in placing, making sure all the edges line up.

Sew this edge together following the line of the edge of the fabric. Repeat for the remaining 3 corners (2 in total for outer fabric and 2 for the lining).

14 - Now you can pull the outer fabric through the turning hole in the lining.

15 - Once you've pull the outer through, you can push in the lining and pull out all of the corners to get the correct shape. Then all that's left to do, is pin together the open seam in the lining and sew!

The finished article - perfect!