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A gift from us to you - Free Stocking Tutorial with pattern template

stocking-tutorialThe countdown has well and truly begun and we're getting ever so excited by the overwhelming choice of Christmas fabrics available. A really good way to not have to choose between them is to combine contrasting or complimentary patterns and a stocking is a great way to get started. Suitable for all abilities and can be embellished as much or as little as you like. Stockings also make an incredibly thoughtful gift too! If that's not inspired you to become a one person stocking-making factory this Christmas then read on because they really are satisfyingly clever to pull together...


Without further ado I present you with your Classic Christmas Stocking with Cuff tutorial, courtesy of Louise Ambrosi of Sew Sofia fame.

First things first...

Stocking Pattern Template:


Stocking Materials:

20 x 23 inch main fabric (this is just over one fat quarter. To make two stockings we used 0.5m of both the Christmas Puddings and Snowflakes and Stars from Festive Friends collection by Dashwood Studio)

20 x 23 inch lining fabric (we used Sunny Kona cotton cotton)

10 x 14.5 inch piece of contrasting fabric for stocking cuff

10 x 3 inch piece of contrasting fabric for hanging loop

16 inches of pompom trim, ribbon or ricrac (optional)

Basic sewing kit

Tailors chalk



Fabric glue (optional for the trim)

Points to note before you start:

Seam allowance, unless otherwise stated: Quarter inch

Finished stocking measures 18 x 7 inches (45cm x 17cm)

RST is right sides together

WST is wrong sides together

SA is seam allowance

Backstitch at the start and finish of any sewing to secure stitching.

Stocking Instructions:

Print out the PDF stocking pattern pieces at “actual size” use the 1 cm square to check you have printed the correct size. Tape the stocking pieces together by overlapping the pieces as per the diagram on the pattern.


Lay stocking pattern onto your main fabric, trace and cut then FLIP over the pattern piece to cut out the other side of your stocking. Repeat with the lining fabric so that you have four stocking pieces.


Hanging loop

Fold the 10 x 3 inch rectangle in half lengthwise and press to make a centre crease. Now fold the two long edges to the centre and press. Fold again to have a 10 x three quarter inch piece with no raw edges showing. Pin and stitch to close the open edge, then stitch along the other long edge. Set aside.


Sew the Stocking

Pin the main stocking pieces right sides together (RST). Stitch down one long side, slowly follow the curve of the foot and toe, then up the other long side with a quarter inch seam allowance (SA). The top short edge is left open. Cut tiny slits on the curved part of the stocking, turn the stocking right side out and press well.



Repeat with the two lining pieces, leaving a 6 inch gap on one long edge. When you get to the foot and toe of the stocking, increase the seam allowance to ½ inch. This will prevent a baggy lining inside the stocking later! Trim seam allowance to one eight of an inch and leave the lining stocking wrong side out.


Sew the Stocking Cuff

Fold the 10 x 14.5 inch piece in half RST matching the shorter edges. Pin the short edges together and stitch, then press open the seam allowance. Turn this tube right side out and press again. Tuck half of the tube inside itself and press again.


If you are planning to decorate your cuff, this is a good time to do this. I added a cute red pom pom trim to the FOLDED edge of the stocking (the raw edge of the cuff will be disappearing soon!). The pom pom trim is quite elastic and fiddly to pin, so I stuck it in place with a thin strip of fabric glue before sewing it on with a zipper foot, this can also be sewn on by hand but be sure to tuck in the edges that join around the cuff.


Fold the hanging loop in half to make the short edges meet and pin to the top raw edge of the cuff piece about half an inch in from the side seam and with a quarter SA. Backstitch a few times to secure.

 Add the cuff to the main stocking

Take your finished cuff piece and slip over the top of the main stocking so that the side seams match and pin in place. The hanging loop needs to be pinned down flat on the cuff and on the ‘heel’ side i.e. the opposite side to the toe! Sew all around the top edge with a quarter inch SA.


Final assembly

Now slip the whole stocking still right side out inside the lining which is wrong side out. Match the side seams, pin in place making sure that the hanging loop is still down between the layers and that the main stocking toe is pushed into the lining toe! Stitch all around at a half inch SA.


Pull the main stocking through the gap in the lining. Fold and press the seam of the lining gap and stitch closed.


Tuck the lining into the main stocking, press well and edge stitch the top of the cuff to finish it off. Now all you need to do is get, or make, some stocking fillers!



Personalise your stocking by adding a name or initial with embroidery or applique to the front stocking piece or cuff piece before assembly.

Make a patchwork effect by cutting different fabrics for the toe piece and shaft piece adding half inch to the seam allowance to sew them together.

Add a cute pocket in contrasting fabric to the front of the stocking.

We hope that's got you focused if you were wondering where to start. Happy Christmas Crafting everyone!

Yours, by the fire x


Your Christmas crafting cosiness checklist (oh, cosy!)


Hot Chocolate? Check.

Fire lighters? Check.

One slipper on and the other stewn aside for the purpose of the sewing machine pedal? Check.

Then you've everything you need for the perfect cuddly crafting night in. As the early nights draw near, there's nothing more I want to do than cuddle up with a hot mug of something comforting and sew my evenings away. And it's also the time that I start to think about what I would like to make for the Christmas period. The children are back at school and the inclination to leave the house is ever dwindling as the temperature drops, making these perfectly conducive conditions for some Christmas crafting!

First up is our Dashwood Advent Calendar supplied as a measure of fabric complete with instructions and cutting guide to denote exactly where and how to piece this cheerful creation together. A stunning gift and a really enjoyable project to watch unfold.


One of the most underestimated tasks of the Christmas period is the amount of time it takes to write Christmas cards. Get ahead with our truly personal crochet cards that will let everyone special in your life know just how valued they are.

Christmas Cards

Given that it's already October, I've almost admitted to myself that it might not be possible to hand make everything as intended, and that is where these fabulous mugs come in. One of these wouldn't look at all out of place on my sewing table or any of my sewing circle friends' and we think they're super! Happiness is INDEED a full bobbin (and a mug from a good friend!).

Sewing Themed Mugs - Set of 3

If you're still intent on making all your gifts yourself and you're feeling felty then we have the most stunning collection of kits from the Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium no less! And if you do run out of time then these are all packaged beautifully and make thoughtful gifts in their own right - there, that takes the pressure off!

Vintage Laundry Peg Bag Wet Felt Making Kit Hottie-bottie Colonel Nocturnal Wet Felting Kit Gwendoline-Penguin Vintage Vignette Bag - Felt Making Kit - MOLLIE MAKES










And now for a peek at some of our sublime Christmas crafting fabrics. The biggest hurdle is deciding what to do with them all...

Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Cats - FEST-1172 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - FEST1171 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Stripes - FEST-1174 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Puddings - FEST-1173Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Snowflakes & Stars - FEST-1175

Tasha Noel - Pixie Noel -c5251- White









And don't forget your trimmings for the holly on the Christmas cake effect!

IMG_1860 Scandinavian Christmas - Winter Flower Ribbon Christmas Moose Ribbon Green Scandinavian Christmas - Merry Christmas Ribbon Rustic Christmas - Bobbin Robin - Ribbon










Whatever projects you are planning to embark on, we'd love to see your final creations -

Happy, happy crafting!

Yours, with a cat on my lap x