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Presenting the 'Colour Me' fabric collection, designed by you!

michael miller colour me

If you're familiar with the colourful and quirky signature of Michael Miller fabrics, then you'll be excited to hear about this collection that is now available at Poppies and Polka Dots. The 'Colour Me' collection by Michael Miller allows you to be your very own fabric designer with mono designs that simply require colouring in or embellishing as you wish. No two pieces will be the same!

We currently have four designs to choose from (two large panels and two patterns on repeat):

- To the Moon and Back

- Princess Paisley

- A Royal Life (panel)

- Space Adventures (panel)

colour me example - dressWe think this is a really great way to get little ones in your life excited by crafting. What could make a more thoughtful birthday present than a beautifully crafted gift which is then personalised by it's recipient!

The panels make beautiful door and wall hangings but would work equally well forming the centre panel of a patchwork quilt, while the repeat pattern designs have endless uses. Drawstring PE bag? Pillow case? Towel embellishment? Apron? Scatter cushion? Playroom storage bag? A party activity to remember the special day by? Upholstering a special bedroom chair seat?! The only limitation is imagination!

For inspiration on how to combine 'Princess Paisley' with 'A Royal Life' to create a stunning pillowcase, look no further than this tutorial.

michael miller - colour me

Have you got an idea we've not thought of?

Yours, colourfully! x

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This one is for you, quilter friends: Seams Sew Easy! Seam guide by Lori Holt

Image 1We are really excited to announce the arrival of the 'Seams Sew Easy!' seam guide By Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet fame.

Lori has designed this ingenious seam guide with the intention of temporarily adhering it to your sewing machine bed for expert results that achieve a perfect 1/4" seam, and ensure that your corner square triangle construction is effortless!

Here are the steps to get this up and running and aligned perfectly with your machine. The seam guide comes in one whole piece which then needs a few snips from you before you can get started (but it's so worth it). Here we go:

1. The first step is to place the Seams Sew Easy! template under your machine foot, lining up the needle hole printed on the template with the needle of your own machine as shown (unthread your machine beforehand) and pierce the hole.

Image 7

2. Lift your needle and sewing foot and remove the template from the machine. The rectangle of dotted lines marks where we'll be cutting next.

Image 9

3. Using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors, cut out the centre rectangle from the inside, starting at the punched hole that has been pre cut for your ease and keep this central piece as you will need it later on for your sewing machine needle placement and template alignment.

seam guide blog

4. Now that this part is done, you can line your seam guide back up on your sewing machine bed with the rectangle placed back in position. Your machine needle should align back up with the dot printed on your guide.

seam guide blog 2

5. Double check that the guide is straight against the printed grids and the vertical markings on your machine bed before securing the guide in place with scrapbooking tape at either side.

seam guide 3

6. The central rectangle that acted as a guide for your sewing machine needle can now be removed (the one we cut earlier). Your guide is now safely and straightly in place!

seam guide 6

You will now be able to execute half square triangles, flying geese and snowballs like the pro that you are!

What will you make?!

seam guide 7

Yours, seamingly! x


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Hello Wimbledon!


We are so excited that Wimbledon is here because it means summer is in full swing and so are our imaginary 'vintage sewing pattern' tennis skirts!

Like a seam to a ripper, like ric to rac, Esme to Patrick or needle to thread, there are some pairings whether complimentary or contrasting, that can really enhance the end result.

With Wimbledon serving off this week, we've been thinking about some of our classic pairings and projects that come to life when they are presented alongside a strong partner.

The first of our winning combinations is the quintessential English elegance that is the heralded tea pot. It sets the tone for a sport that should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. And as everyone knows, a tea pot means business. Summer loft collection.

summer loft - wimbledon blog 2

Summer Loft - Moroccan Tile Pink - 2

Celebrating the beauty that is the game, the atmosphere, the spirit and the place, we've chosen some fabric that does just that, because Wimbledon isn't Wimbledon without a sighting of the 219 bus, frankly. British Invasion and Chevrons.

british invasion - wimbledon blog british invasion - wimbledon blog 2








Next on court 3 we have striking tones and bold patterns that intend to be noticed! 'Apple of my Eye' by Quilted Fish is an uplifting and unexpected combination that just works. You won't find this pairing sitting quietly in a corner. If anything personifies summer for us, this is it. Apple of my eye collection.

apple - wimbledon blog 2 apple - wimbledon


Finally, our last perfect match partners are brought to you by Sevenberry, as irritable and sweet as strawberries and cream! Sevenberry collection.

sevenberry - wimbledon blog Sevenberry Stripe Pink

What are your winning pairings? Complimentary or contrasting? Email us at

Until our next game,

Love... 15, 30, 40, game point! x

(Vintage sewing pattern photo credit)

Designer spotlight: - Melody Miller


Mustang CushionWe are still setting in to our new premises but you'll see we've begun furnishing and what could be more welcoming than a foyer stocked with vintage telephone, inspirational coffee table books and a Mustang pillow cushion to boot?!

Playful Mustang - Cotton + Steel Fabric BundleCotton + Steel's incredibly successful founding designer Melody Miller combines irresistible colours with unique retro images and we think you'll agree that the result is a completely irresistible collection of which we think 'Mustang' is suitably sassy.

Chicken or egg / Bobbin or Cotton reel?

Do you buy your fabric with a project in mind and let your project dictate your fabric choice? Or do you buy what you love and find the perfect pairing for it later? This is the constant crafter's creative dilemma! So with this in mind, we've pulled together some of our favourite Mustang moments to inspire possible new projects and things you might not have thought possible of this beautiful cottony gem that is quite simply design in motion...

If you do push yourself outside your comfort zone, please share what you make!

collage-2016-06-16Photo credits: 1 2 3 4 5

Check out our Mustang themed Pinterest board here

The possibilities really do feel endless with this distinct and unique design which is bound to be a great talking point.


Until next time Polka Dotters... x