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Lampshade upgrade!


Be your own lampshade designer with our three size drum making kits.
Sometimes it's the smaller changes to a room that can make a big difference.
No need for a complete design overhaul, simply updating table lamp or pendant lampshades can be a really effective transformation for your space and a great excuse for fabric shopping! Statement fabric, co-ordinating fabric or contrasting fabric with other soft furnishings in the room can add a real injection of personality.

lampshade blog 1

Perhaps you've heard about homemade lampshade kits and felt intimidated by the very accurate looking seamless results. Fear not! We are here to answer any questions you may have and to give you an overview of just how easy the process is. And just for fun, we've pulled together some really bold prints that we think would work brilliantly as lampshade coverings. You'll be ready to get started on your very own professional looking lampshades in no time.
There are three different lampshade kits available:
Size small measures 20cm diameter x 18cm high (required fabric needs to be 65cm wide x 22cm drop).
Size medium measures 30cm diameter x 18cm high (required fabric needs to be 97cm wide x 26cm drop).
Size large measures 40cm diameter x 25cm high (required fabric needs to be 129cm wide x 29cm drop).

lampshade blog 2

Step 1 - Ensure your fabric is prepped and ready to go. Any lint should be removed, ironed so it's nice and crisp and easier to work with and this will also ensure a great finish once complete.

Step 2 - Position the adhesive, flat rolled drum over the wrong side of your covering. Don't remove the release paper yet. Ensure this lines up with the pattern repeat as desired and that it is in line with the grain and not slanting off at an angle. Mark the corners with vanishing fabric pen or similar so that you can easily line this up again once you begin revealing the release paper.

Step 3 - Once happy with your positioning, peel back the release paper and stick down the first 10cm, working on a clean, flat surface. You can then tease out the remainder of the roll, slowly unravelling and easing out the roll 10cm at a time to ensure no air bubbles and that your fabric stays flat and smooth. It sounds scary but it's actually very relaxing!

Step 4 -The full length of drum will now be attached and the release paper fully removed. You will need to trim the surplus fabric from your drum with a sharp knife along the panel edges and remove the strip of drum with perforated edges to the upper and lower edges of the drum.

Step 5 - Cover the two lampshade rings with the supplied adhesive tape and roll up along the two edges of your lampshade.

Step 6 - Tuck your edges in using the tool supplied.


You will now have a beautifully made lampshade to adorn your home!

If you're not far from us here in Amersham, we are also running Lampshade Making Courses with our sister company Lampshade Parade, which are proving very popular. Spend a lovely afternoon, learning to make a 30cm drum lampshade, we'll teach you some of our top tips and extra little details to give your lampshade a truly professional finish. Enjoy tea & cakes whilst you do it and take home a gorgeous lampshade - handmade by you - at the end!

For more details click this link

As always we love to see your finished makes <3

Here are are a few of the latest ones we made to get you started 🙂


Now for some fabrics that we think work brilliantly as lampshade coverings, we're feeling the Dashwood Studio love on this one!:

Dashwood Studio - Fablewood - Tall Trees
Dashwood Studio - Cuckoo's Calling - Floral Medallions Mustard
Dashwood Studios - Novelties Cats
Dashwood Studio - Cuckoo's Calling - Clocks Navy
Dashwood Studio - Fablewood - Main
 Dashwood Studio - Cuckoo's Calling - Floral Orange
 Petite Street - Floral
 Yours, feeling like an interior designer x

My Yummy (and ever so exclusive) Sewing Kit


We are very excited to announce the arrival of our exclusive 'My Yummy Sewing Kit' tins.

Each kit has been carefully designed to include everything you might need in one place. The tin has been luxuriously lined with felt to help everything stay in it's place and the contents are quality, premium sewing essentials that make a very thoughtful gift, either for the established sewer who will recognise the calibre of contents, or for a sewing enthusiast starting out to help them get off on the right foot.

Pretty as can be and reliable class all at once.


Each tin includes:

- Mini Wooden Cotton Reel with quality 'sew all' thread

- Crafters Collection General Sewing Needles (18 premium hand sewing needles)

- Sewing Tape Measure

- Adorable Polka Dot Embroidery Scissors (colours may vary)

- Seam Ripper

- Needle Threader

- Polka Dot Buttons x 4

- Collection of pins and safety pins

Made from tin and measuring 12cm x 12cm

We love how the pink felt lining picks out the pink on the front of the tin. A lovely, weighty little kit that exudes worth.

Yours, neatly organised x







Your Christmas crafting cosiness checklist (oh, cosy!)


Hot Chocolate? Check.

Fire lighters? Check.

One slipper on and the other stewn aside for the purpose of the sewing machine pedal? Check.

Then you've everything you need for the perfect cuddly crafting night in. As the early nights draw near, there's nothing more I want to do than cuddle up with a hot mug of something comforting and sew my evenings away. And it's also the time that I start to think about what I would like to make for the Christmas period. The children are back at school and the inclination to leave the house is ever dwindling as the temperature drops, making these perfectly conducive conditions for some Christmas crafting!

First up is our Dashwood Advent Calendar supplied as a measure of fabric complete with instructions and cutting guide to denote exactly where and how to piece this cheerful creation together. A stunning gift and a really enjoyable project to watch unfold.


One of the most underestimated tasks of the Christmas period is the amount of time it takes to write Christmas cards. Get ahead with our truly personal crochet cards that will let everyone special in your life know just how valued they are.

Christmas Cards

Given that it's already October, I've almost admitted to myself that it might not be possible to hand make everything as intended, and that is where these fabulous mugs come in. One of these wouldn't look at all out of place on my sewing table or any of my sewing circle friends' and we think they're super! Happiness is INDEED a full bobbin (and a mug from a good friend!).

Sewing Themed Mugs - Set of 3

If you're still intent on making all your gifts yourself and you're feeling felty then we have the most stunning collection of kits from the Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium no less! And if you do run out of time then these are all packaged beautifully and make thoughtful gifts in their own right - there, that takes the pressure off!

Vintage Laundry Peg Bag Wet Felt Making Kit Hottie-bottie Colonel Nocturnal Wet Felting Kit Gwendoline-Penguin Vintage Vignette Bag - Felt Making Kit - MOLLIE MAKES










And now for a peek at some of our sublime Christmas crafting fabrics. The biggest hurdle is deciding what to do with them all...

Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Cats - FEST-1172 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - FEST1171 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Stripes - FEST-1174 Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Christmas Puddings - FEST-1173Dashwood Studio - Festive Friends - Snowflakes & Stars - FEST-1175

Tasha Noel - Pixie Noel -c5251- White









And don't forget your trimmings for the holly on the Christmas cake effect!

IMG_1860 Scandinavian Christmas - Winter Flower Ribbon Christmas Moose Ribbon Green Scandinavian Christmas - Merry Christmas Ribbon Rustic Christmas - Bobbin Robin - Ribbon










Whatever projects you are planning to embark on, we'd love to see your final creations -

Happy, happy crafting!

Yours, with a cat on my lap x


Dashwood Studio - Quilted Advent Calendar - Your step-by-step guide


Festive Friends Quilted Advent Calendar

Tutorial by Louise Ambrosi, Sew Sofia

Seam allowance, unless otherwise stated: 0.25inch


1 Dashwood Festive Friends Advent Panel

1 FQ coordinating fabric for the backing

1 FQ wadding

3.5inch x 13inch piece of fabric for dowelling pocket

2 decorative buttons

2m bias binding

11inch piece of narrow wooden dowelling

2 small metal or plastic rings (I use Prym 16mm café rod rings)

0.75m ribbon

Basic sewing kit



Poppies & Polka Dots have a ready made kit with virtually everything you'd need to make this Advent Panel check it out here

Points before you start.

Consider using a contrasting thread like mint green.

A Rotary cutter and long ruler can help with precision cutting.

A walking foot is recommended for any decorative quilting at the end but not essential.

Backstitch at the start and finish of any sewing to secure stitching.

Seam allowance is 0.25inch throughout.


Cutting instructions:

First iron the advent panel to remove any creases. This will help with more precise cutting of all those pockets!

Cut along the central dotted lines of the panel piece to separate the backing panel from the pocket strips.


Cut around the back panel piece leaving a 0.25inch seam allowance all around in the pale mint green.


Preparing the pockets

Cut the 5 pocket strips horizontally leaving a line of mint green and a line of white above the pocket strip (we’ll call them the seam allowance) and leave just the white seam allowance below each pocket.


Fold over the top green edge of the pocket strip and press.

Fold over the short edges of each long strip, press, then fold over the white edge and press again.


Pin and stitch close to the edge along the top of each strip.


I sew on the right side to make sure I’m not sewing over any pictures.


On the advent panel instructions they suggest making pleats using the dotted lines as a guide. I find it simpler to cut along the dotted lines … it also means you can place the pockets wherever you like and not necessarily in numerical order.


Press under the sides of each pocket, then pin on to the backing panel.


Sewing on the pockets

I find it easier to manoeuvre the panel by sewing from the bottom right corner. Starting at the top right corner of each pocket, sew down one side till you reach the bottom, raise the foot with needle still in the fabric, pivot, lower the foot and continue sewing the bottom and other side of each pocket. Remember to backstitch at the top of each pocket to ensure it is secure.


Prepare the Backing

 Dowelling pocket

Fold the 13inch x 3.5inch rectangle in half lengthwise and press to make a centre crease. Open out, then fold each short edge in by 0.25inch, press and stitch. Fold in half lengthways, then fold in each long raw edge to the centre. You will have a 12inch x 0.75inch piece with no raw edges showing. Pin and stitch to close the open edge.


Position the dowelling pocket 2.5inchs down and centred on the right side of the backing fabric. Stitch in place along the same stitching.


Layer your quilt sandwich

Lay the backing fabric wrong side up, place the wadding on top, then place the advent pocket panel right side up on top to make a sandwich. Pin or use wonderclips to secure the three layers together. Baste stitch using a longer length stitch all around to secure.


Quilting the advent calendar

If you have a walking foot, now is the time to use it! With contrasting thread stitch along the solid lines that frame the advent. Get creative by using a decorative stitch below each line of pockets. Make sure you don’t sew over the ends of the dowelling pocket when quilting…!



Open out the bias binding and with right sides together pin along the raw edge of the calendar. Sew along the first fold line leaving a 0.25inch space at the corner edge to help ease the binding around to the next side. Continue until you reach the last corner. Cut the binding about 0.5inch off from the edge so that you can fold it under and hide the raw edge on your last stitch.


Now fold the binding over to the backing side of the calendar, pin in place and stitch in place, taking care to ease the binding around the corners before sewing. Take your time, this can be quite fiddly but worth the end result!


Finishing off

Cut an 11inch piece of dowelling and insert into dowelling pocket. I slip stitch each end of the pocket just to make sure the dowelling doesn’t come out.

Hand stitch two small rings 1inch in on either end of the dowelling pocket


Hand stitch two decorative buttons to the front of the calendar at the top corners.



Thread through a length of ribbon, tie into a pretty bow and your calendar is done! Now all you need to do is fill it!

finished_advent_calendar_4 finished_advent_calendar_3 finished_advent_calendar_2 finished_advent_calendar_1