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Hark the sound of Birdsong! - Our latest collection by Jojo Coco for Dashwood Studio

Birdsong by Dashwood Studio

We're delighted to have taken stock of the latest collection for Dashwood Studio by Joanne Cocker called Birdsong.

About the collection

Birdsong is an enchanting collection comprising of muted tones and calming scenes that blend effortlessly with one another. Birch trees, mountains and raindrops as well as scattered seeds and horizons are represented in the range, adding to it's earthy, laid back feel.

See what you think

We're in love with the fresh, crisp colour combinations and natural feeling we get from this collection. Joanne described the collection as having been inspired by an appreciation for the small things, those we don't always notice but which are beautiful when we stop to enjoy them for a moment.

Take a look for yourself!

Right at home

The collection lends itself effortlessly to homeware because of it's ease to mix and match. Image credit

What will you make with your selections?

Yours, in flight x

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