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Rio Olympics...Union Flag Bunting & Brooch!

Hi, I'm Katy from The Littlest Thistle and I'm here today to help get you in the Olympic spirit in the run up to this year's Games.  I was a team leader of one of the front of house teams at the Commonwealths in Glasgow a couple of years ago, and it's always fun to see the attendees coming out in their team's colours, however big or small, to show their support.  To this end I have a couple of options for you for supporting Team GB.  The first is some flag bunting - string them around your TV, across the room, across the street or even wound about your person, whatever floats your boat!  For those looking for something a little more subtle, I also have a wee badge that you can pin on.


To make the union flag bunting:

For a 5-8 flag string you will need:

1 FQ Sevenberry Blue Medium Spot
1 FQ Sevenberry Red Gingham
1 FQ Kona Snow
1 FQ Sevenberry Beige Stripe
1-2 m Royal Blue Striped Bias Binding (the length will be determined by the number of flags and where you wish to string them)

To assemble the bunting:

Print off as many The Littlest Thistle UJ Bunting Foundation Pattern Pieces as you will need for your selected number of flags.

Print out one The Littlest Thistle UJ Bunting Backing Pattern Pieces and use it to cut as many backs as you need for your selected number of flags - note that these will tesselate nicely if you cut each on in the opposite direction to the last, making your fabric go further.

Cut out and piece each section following the numbers and colours marked on the pattern.

Lay the pieced sections out for each flag as per the photo and sew them together with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Lay a backing piece on top of each one of the pieced flags, right sides together, matching all edges and sew around the sides with a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving the top edge open.

Clip the points as per the photo to reduce the bulk when you turn them right sides out.

Gently turn the flags right sides out, using a chopstick or similar to ease the point out, then press.

Press the bias binding in half, folded edges in, matching long edges.  Sandwich the top raw edges of the flags in between the binding, spreading them evenly along the length, and pin in place.  Zigzag stitch along the length of the binding to hold it all together.

To make the union flag badge:

You will need:

Scraps blue fabric
Scraps red fabric
Scraps white fabric
Scraps for backing
Marking pen(cil) for tracing
Glue pen for basting
Brooch back or safety pin

I used the scraps from making the flag bunting, but this would be a charm square friendly project if you were starting from scratch.

To assemble the badge:

Print off and cut out each of the The Littlest Thistle UJ Badge Pattern Pieces - make special note of what section goes where on the red diagonal pieces as they are not all the same!

Trace the pattern onto your fabric and cut out - I used a pair of small, sharp pointed scissors for this as the pieces were so small.

Starting with the white saltire (the diagonal cross), centre this on the blue background - I do this by folding the background in half in each direction to create a light crease and aligning the corners on the saltire with the fold lines.  Glue baste in place then stitch all the way around using your favourite method for raw edge applique.  I wanted mine to get a little frayed at the edges so I straight stitched a little inside the edges, but you could also do a small zigzag stitch.

Layer up the remaining pieces, stitching each in place as you go, in the following order:

1. White cross
2. Red cross
3. Red diagonals

Place the backing right sides together with the stitched flag, matching all edges.  Leaving a small turning gap at the bottom, sew all the way around with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Clip the corners as per the photos to reduce the bulk when you turn the badge right sides out.

Gently turn through the gaps, using a chopstick or similar to ease the corners out, then press.

Top stitch all the way around the badge, 1/8" from the edge.

Stitch a brooch back to the back of the badge, or use a safety pin to attach it to your clothing.

Life is beautiful - enjoy the ride! Bicycle inspired crafts......

TourdeYorkshireTop10CraftIdeasPicture credits / links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

This week at Poppies & Polka Dots we've been getting excited about the Tour de Yorkshire, which takes place from the 29th April - 1st May 16. Fingers crossed the recent promising weather continues for the weekend, making it a great event for all those cyclists and spectators involved!

It's got us thinking about some of the fun bike themed makes out there; from bicycle basket crochet through to bicycle bell covers! Above is our 'Top 10 Bicycle themed craft picks', but for more details and fun inspiration, check out our Tour de Yorkshire Pinterest board.

In the meantime, as we can't get enough of bicycles and the sense of freedom first felt when our stabilisers came off (!) we've pulled together some of our bicycle themed fabrics for your enjoyment. Cast your eye over these adorable prints and I'm sure you'll agree they do justice to that which is the universal symbol of summer fun!


1. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Aqua - more info

2. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Bicycle White - more info

3. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Red - more info

4. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Main White - more info

5. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Blue - more info

6. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Main Mint - more info

7. The British are Coming - more info

Tell us about your bicycle memories or any bicycle themed craft projects you've been working on : or share on our Facebook

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Spring & Easter Bunny Bunting - A quick & easy how to....

Spring Bunting - How to make your ownWith Easter just around the corner, I decided it would be nice to make some bunting which we can use for decoration at a kids Easter party we're hosting.

This is a simple and cost effective pattern, which only requires 1/2 metre of the main fabric for the flags, plus half of a fat quarter or whatever scraps you have lying around for the bunny decoration. Plus some some little pom poms and bias binding to hold it all together....

Here's exactly what I used:

1/2 metre -Essex Yarn Dyed Linen - Chambray (currently sold out) but this would look great too Essex Yarn Dyed Linen - Indigo

1 FQ - Sidewalks Small Floral Cream

3 metres - Polka Dot Bias Binding - Yellow

1 metre - Small Pom Pom Trim White

Fusible webbing

Rotary Cutter & cutting Mat


Pencil / Pen

Matching thread

Fabric glue


1. Cut out the bunny rabbit stencil - I have attached a pattern below, which you may wish to use. Attach your fusible web to the back of the patterned fabric (using the manufacturers instructions), then draw around the bunny rabbit stencil and cut them out - you will need 9 bunnies for this bunting.

Spring Bunting - Bunny Rabbit - Template

2. Cut your half metre of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen from 50cm to 40cm in length (your fabric piece should now measure 112cm wide by 40cm drop). Next fold the fabric in half along the horizontal, so that it is now 112cm wide by 20cm length (double fabric).

3. Using your ruler and pen/pencil make a mark along the top folded edge of the fabric every 22cm the whole way across the 112cm width until you run out fabric.

4. Do the same along the bottom edge of the fabric, this time make a mark every 11cm.

5. Using your ruler and rotary cutter, start at the top left hand corner of the fabric and diagonally place the ruler from the top corner down to the first mark at the bottom of the fabric (11cm along from the edge) - now cut the fabric on the diagonal. Then starting at the bottom (at the point you have just cut) cut on the diagonal up to the first mark you made at the top of the fabric (22cm along from the left edge). Continue doing this, cutting on the diagonal from bottom to top, until you have cut out 9 triangle flags (still double fabric).

6. Some of the triangles will need to be cut along the top edge where the fold was, to create 2 triangular pieces (see this earlier blog post for more clarification on the cutting process. If needs be.

Bunny Rabbit to be sewn onto flags

7. Once you have all 9 flags cut out (2 pieces of fabric for each) and you have your 9 bunny rabbits in the contrasting fabric, you now need to attach the bunnies to the front of each flag. Follow the manufacturers instructions for the fusible webbing to do this.

8. If you would like to secure your bunnies further, stitch around the edge as I have done in the below image. Don't worry about being too neat around the tail area, as this will be covered with the pom pom tail!

Bunny Attached to fabric

9. Once all 9 bunny rabbits are attached onto the front piece of each flag, we can begin to assemble the bunting itself. Starting with the first flag, take both pieces of fabric (front and back) and turn the fabric right sides together, so you can sew the bunting together inside out. Then starting at the top corner allowing approximately a 1/2cm seam allowance, sew the first side together. Stop sewing approximately 1/2cm from the bottom point, keeping the needle in the fabric, lift your footer and turn the fabric. Now sew along the 2nd side, back to the top of the flag. Leave the top (straight edge) open - do not sew these edges together.

Sew the sides of the bunting flags together

10. Once you have sewn all 9 flags together on the two sides, as shown in the below picture, snip the bottom corner off the fabric, being careful not to cut too close to the stitches.

Snip the bottom corner off each flag

9 Basic Bunting Flag Shapes

11.  Next you need to turn each flag right side out, being sure to poke out the bottom corner (I used a knitting needle to be sure I got some nice pointy corners). Then using your iron, carefully press each flag flat, making sure you get nice crisp straight lines on both sides of the flag.

Turn each flag right side out and press12. Neaten up the top edges of each flag, so you have good, straight line to tuck into your bias tape.

Trim the top edge ensuring a straight finish13. Back to your sewing machine with all 9 flags and the bias binding. Fold the bias tape in half at one end (length ways) and sew together the open sides, staying as close as you can to the open edges. I did this for approximately 20cm - however, depending on what you think you'll need to tie the ends of the bunting to, you might prefer to have longer trims at each end.

Attach the bias tape14. Take the first flag you'd like to sew into place and put the top open edge into the opening of the binding - make sure that the top of the flag is as close to the folded inside edge of the binding as possible. Begin sewing along the open edge of the tape to attach the flag and close up the binding.

Top Tip: I find using quilting clips really help to hold the next flag in place just before it reaches the sewing machine needle. Much easier and quicker than pinning and also means you can be sure the flag is held tightly in the correct place and properly inserted into the binding.

5cm gaps between each flag15. Continue sewing past the edge of the flag for 5cm and add another flag. Then add another flag into place on the binding. Repeat this process until all of the flags are attached.

Attach all 9 flags in the wayBe sure to sew another 20cm (minimum) of the binding tape together after the last flag has been attached, in order that you have extra on the end to hang the bunting with.

16. Once all of the flags are sewn on and you have sewn together enough binding tape at the end to allow for the bunting to be hung, you have nearly finished your Easter bunting. All you need to do now is attached the bunny tails. Simply cut 9 pom poms from the pom pom trim and using a fabric glue, stick each one in place!Cut pom poms for the tail17. Hang your yummy 'Spring-time Easter Bunting' and admire your work!

Spring Bunny Bunting - Finished product

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