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The Scrappy Project Planner by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Having quilted for many years, Lori Holt is a big fan of writing down and keeping track of each quilt that she makes. Luckily for us, this has now resulted in this utterly fabulous 'Scrappy Project Planner' so we can do the same too!
Are you a planner, scheduler or list maker? Do you love making quilts? If any of these ring true with you, then this Scrappy Project Planner will be right up your street and in Lori Holt's own words...."I'm sure you're gonna love it as much as I do!"
The project planner has 5 sections, which makes for 'easy peasy quilty organisation'!

You can see from the image of the project pages above that there is plenty of space for keeping a track of supplies, fabrics used and even sketches if you decide to make your own designs for quilts.
The weekly pages allow you to keep a track of your progress on each project, mark in sewing days, retreats, sew alongs and quilt swaps etc.

The tips and organising section includes Lori's 5 Step method to building and using your own scrappy stash, how she uses her leftovers and even how she shops for and stores her fabric (fabulous!).
There's also her 'Shortcut Methods' on piecing several quilty necessities, like flying geese and quarter square triangles.
Plus several handy charts for all different sizes and loads's simply jam-packed with quilty goodness!
 There's also a section for notes and sketching too!
But here's the 'cherry on the cake'. If you were wondering why Lori Holt called this her 'Scrappy Project Planner', then here's why......
Lori loves to sew scrappy and thought this would be the perfect place to share why and how she does it and most importantly how easy it is.

So the last section of this gorgeous planner, includes 6 (whoop, whoop) new quilt patterns from Lori Holt,  all sewn from her scrappy stash bins!
The first quilt is this one below which is called "Happy Trails".

The next is called "Fat Quarter Flirt" and Lori used 30 fat quarters to make it in this twin size and according to her it's very easy to make and check out the gorgeous result!
The next is called "Shortcut Stars" and she designed it using all of the shortcut methods that Lori included in the planner.
Then comes "Patchwork Tulips", which according to Lori was a must to include as she loves making scrappy flower quilts from her stash.
Then there is the 'Scrap Apple' quilt.....Lori Holt's twist on the traditional pineapple quilt. The book explains an easy method for cutting and sewing this fun quilt.
The final one is her scrappy 'Checkerboard' quilt, which uses the simple but always beautiful nine patch. Perfect for using up your leftover scrappy squares.
Check out how beautiful all 6 quilts look together - a feast for the eyes.... so much variety, such beautiful designs and colours and all from left over scraps!
Lets not also forget the other little goodies which Lori Holt has designed to be used with the planners, we also stock the 3 Sew Cute bookmarks that can be used to keep your place....(3 projects at a time!).
Plus a gorgeous book of super cute, super tiny stickers to be used with you planner and help remind you of appointments, takes and special things that you have planned - irresistible.
So who can resist the temptation, I for one need to have these in my life....
Happy Scrappy Sewing everyone x

This one is for you, quilter friends: Seams Sew Easy! Seam guide by Lori Holt

Image 1We are really excited to announce the arrival of the 'Seams Sew Easy!' seam guide By Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet fame.

Lori has designed this ingenious seam guide with the intention of temporarily adhering it to your sewing machine bed for expert results that achieve a perfect 1/4" seam, and ensure that your corner square triangle construction is effortless!

Here are the steps to get this up and running and aligned perfectly with your machine. The seam guide comes in one whole piece which then needs a few snips from you before you can get started (but it's so worth it). Here we go:

1. The first step is to place the Seams Sew Easy! template under your machine foot, lining up the needle hole printed on the template with the needle of your own machine as shown (unthread your machine beforehand) and pierce the hole.

Image 7

2. Lift your needle and sewing foot and remove the template from the machine. The rectangle of dotted lines marks where we'll be cutting next.

Image 9

3. Using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors, cut out the centre rectangle from the inside, starting at the punched hole that has been pre cut for your ease and keep this central piece as you will need it later on for your sewing machine needle placement and template alignment.

seam guide blog

4. Now that this part is done, you can line your seam guide back up on your sewing machine bed with the rectangle placed back in position. Your machine needle should align back up with the dot printed on your guide.

seam guide blog 2

5. Double check that the guide is straight against the printed grids and the vertical markings on your machine bed before securing the guide in place with scrapbooking tape at either side.

seam guide 3

6. The central rectangle that acted as a guide for your sewing machine needle can now be removed (the one we cut earlier). Your guide is now safely and straightly in place!

seam guide 6

You will now be able to execute half square triangles, flying geese and snowballs like the pro that you are!

What will you make?!

seam guide 7

Yours, seamingly! x


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Life is beautiful - enjoy the ride! Bicycle inspired crafts......

TourdeYorkshireTop10CraftIdeasPicture credits / links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

This week at Poppies & Polka Dots we've been getting excited about the Tour de Yorkshire, which takes place from the 29th April - 1st May 16. Fingers crossed the recent promising weather continues for the weekend, making it a great event for all those cyclists and spectators involved!

It's got us thinking about some of the fun bike themed makes out there; from bicycle basket crochet through to bicycle bell covers! Above is our 'Top 10 Bicycle themed craft picks', but for more details and fun inspiration, check out our Tour de Yorkshire Pinterest board.

In the meantime, as we can't get enough of bicycles and the sense of freedom first felt when our stabilisers came off (!) we've pulled together some of our bicycle themed fabrics for your enjoyment. Cast your eye over these adorable prints and I'm sure you'll agree they do justice to that which is the universal symbol of summer fun!


1. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Aqua - more info

2. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Bicycle White - more info

3. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Red - more info

4. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Main White - more info

5. Star Spangled - Bike Stripe Blue - more info

6. Vintage Market by Tasha Noel - Main Mint - more info

7. The British are Coming - more info

Tell us about your bicycle memories or any bicycle themed craft projects you've been working on : or share on our Facebook

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