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Sewing Bee Glee - Monday is the new Friday! - Chevrons Galore

We've waited all year and it's finally here, the BBC Sewing Bee has begun! Gracing our screens last night, we were delighted to see chevron inspiration a plenty. Here's some chevrons we thought were worth a mention.

collage-2016-05-17 (1)

What did you take away from last night and hands up who is missing the lovely May but thinks that Esme is a worthy replacement? Talk to us about your favourite Sewing Bee moments

Roll on next Monday!

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For more chevron sewing inspiration check out our Chevrons Rock Pinterest board and our selection of stripes & chevron fabrics here.

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Quick and Easy Napkins - Tutorial


Napkins are a great project for anyone, and particularly so if you're quite new to sewing. They make a fantastic present and are very quick and easy to make. 

For this particular design I used Tilda Winter Memories - Emma Grey Brown for the front fabric and Kona Cotton Solid in Parchment for the backing. Both have a lovely feel and make for a beautiful finish to your napkins. I added a scalloped edged lace trim in a contrasting light blue colour to add a little extra detail to the napkins. However,  if you'd rather not, then just skip that part of the instructions.

So here's my quick and easy guide to making your own beautiful napkins:

You'll need the following:

Face fabric of your choice - 1 metre will be enough for 4 napkins

Backing fabric - again 1 metre will be enough for 4 napkins

Matching / co-ordinating thread

Lace trim or other ribbon of your choice (optional)

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat, ruler & pins, plus your sewing machine

What you'll need

1- Begin by cutting your face fabric and backing fabric - each piece should measure 42cm square.

2- If adding a trim decide where you would like to attach it to the face fabric and pin in place.

Trim Pinned in place

3- Sew the trim in place.

4- Place the face fabric and backing fabric right sides together (pin in place if preferred) and sew all the way around the edge. Leaving approximately a 10cm opening in the middle of one of the sides in order to allow the napkin to be turned right side out.

Napkin Tutorial - Pin together

Place right sides together - Napkin

5 - Once you have sewn around the edges, now cut the corners of your napkins - being sure not to cut too close to the stitches. Removing the corners will enable you to get a better point on your corners when the napkins are turned out the right way.

Napkin Tutorial - cut off the corners of the fabric

6 - Turn the fabrics inside out, so you now have the right sides of the fabric facing out. Use a chop stick or other pointy item in order to push the corners out.

7 - Use your iron to press the napkin flat and fold in the open seam. Then take the napkin back to your sewing machine and sew around the entire napkin with a 1/4in or 1/2cm seam allowance - including the open side in order to close up this seam.

IMG_7037 Napkin Tutorial - Top Stitch

8 - And that is it - very simple and very quick, so now all you have to do is invite some friends or family around for tea!