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We're awash with wafting swathes of swaddle gauze - Brand new from Cloud 9

Overcome by Organic Cloud 9 Swaddle Gauze

We defy you to not touch our brand new arrival of Cloud 9 Swaddle Gauze and raise it up to your face. It's light and lovely, sheer and divine. It feels like it's been spun from unicorn hair, such is it's splendour. That is without exaggeration just see for yourself!

Why Swaddle Gauze?

Swaddle gauze is unlike the traditional more linen-like texture that is associated with babies. It is deluxe and baby soft and in a realm of its own. Also, coming from Cloud 9, you can be assured of their environmental and ethical commitment to organic cottons, knowing that this will be safe for use for multipurpose baby projects. Image credit.

What to make, what to make...

Swaddle gauze lends itself beautifully to children's nurseries. It's sumptuous and light making it's floaty texture work beautifully for drapery such as cot canopies and window swags. It also lends itself to interior dressing, adding warmth to a changing table, and carries charm and indulgence when used for the purpose of children's clothing. Image credit

Four designs to choose from

We have four beautifully effortless designs to choose from. Click here for our collection.

As always, do send in pictures of your makes, we love to see your creations -

Yours, floating away x