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Tilda Bumblebee - Quilted Table Runner - Tutorial

Here at P&PD HQ we're very excited about this our latest free tutorial and the fact it has been created by our newest Blog Team member, Michelle, the creator behind Creative Blonde. We'll introduce you to her properly very soon, but for now, we can't resist sharing her wonderful work. We hope you love it as much as we do and please feel free to let us know what you think x

What you will need:

* Tilda bumblebee Fat quarter bundle  (this will be enough for the table runner and  6 placemats - placemats tutorial coming soon!)

* 1.5 metre of Kona cotton solids – snow white (this allows for 1 x table runner and 6 placemats)

* Wadding measuring 38in x11in (trim off excess later to measure 37in x 10in)

* 1in paper hexies x 42

* Graph Paper to create your own petal template

* Sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, pins, needles, quality threads, glue pen, scissors, erasable marker pen

* Light fusible interfacing, approximately 10in x 10in

* 505 basting spray

1 - Cut out 10 hexies from each of the green, pink and cream fabrics using your EPP 1in hexagon template and cut 12 of the blue. Leaving a quarter inch seam allowance all the way round.

2 - Using your glue pen, fold the fabric making sure you get crisp corners and edges all the way round.

3 - From the kona snow fabric, cut a piece 44in x 8in for the table runner's main piece.

4 - Preparing your flowers

Create your petal, use graph paper to get it symmetrical (mine are about 1.5in in length and 1in diameter. Fuse your interfacing to the reverse of the fabric and then cut petals to correct size and shape. You need 5 petals from each fabric design (as per below). I loved the bumblebees so much, I fussy cut these for some of my petals.

Here are all of my petals cut and ready to be attached to the Kona Snow main piece.

5 - Using your glue pen, fix your petals in place on the kona snow main table runner piece - see main image at the top to see where I chose to attach them onto the runner.

6 - Using a white thread, blanket stitch round each petal (below images show front and the reverse) to hold in place on the table runner.

7 - Next join up your hexies.

To achieve this without stitches showing on the front, put your individual hexies right sides together and use a ladder stitch. Pull your stitches tight as you go, and create a chain of 21 hexies for each long edge of your table runner.

8 - Top stitch your hexies and then remove the papers.

9 - Preparing the back of the table runner

Cut 5 pieces of backing fabric as per below, measuring 8.5in x 11in.

Sew your fabric in the order shown above, using a quarter inch seam allowance, right side together, then press seams.

10 - Next, using your erasible marker pen, draw your spiral pattern on the top of the white fabric.

11 - Baste your top and bottom fabric to the wadding to create a quilt sandwich, I use 505 spray.

12 - Free motion quilting

Drop your feed dog and attach the quilting foot to your machine, you can choose any shade of thread , I am using a bright turquoise for the purposes of illustrating the stitching, but later replaced with a white.

13 - Create the edges

Create mitred corners, by trimming the excess wadding and folding your backing fabric over twice, to seal your raw edges, and pin in place.

14 - Attach the Hexies; pin or baste your hexies in place.

15 - Then sew your two short binding egdes with a small whip stitch, and secure the corners with small stitches.

16 - Finally, sew each point of your hexies in place, using a small stitch sewn from underneath the edge of the fabric, so no stitches can be seen.

Bring out the tea and warm scones, for the perfect afternoon tea...enjoy!

Watch this space for the matching placemats tutorial coming soon…

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2 Responses to “Tilda Bumblebee - Quilted Table Runner - Tutorial”

  1. Anonymous May 25, 2017 at 9:19 am Permalink

    What a pretty and unique table runner. I'm tempted to make an immediate start but really must clear at least one UFO before I add something else.
    I just love the weekly sewing tips too.

  2. Katrina May 25, 2017 at 8:57 pm Permalink

    Thank you very much, really lovely to hear that you like the table runner. Goodness, I really know what you mean about clearing some projects first though - too many on the go ;).
    Thanks for letting us know you are enjoying the tips too - great to hear! Best wishes, Katrina

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